Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Tracy Anderson Method

I've always had a bit of an obsession with working out, to look at me you wouldn't think so (I love food too much to ever be skinny). It could come from insecurities but every now and again my brain clicks somewhere and I just want to workout, when everything else gets a bit dreary it gives me something to work towards. Don't get me wrong, I'm not striving to be skinny, I genuinely love keeping myself in shape, and after spending a year working in a cupcake shop I've got alot of buttercream to shift!

I've probably tried every fitness DVD, from old school Jane Fonda to Davina McCalls Body Pump, and it was on my journey of discovery through the HMV fitness DVD aisle that I discovered The Tracy Anderson Method. This woman is quite literally a total mentalist! But a genius nontheless. She claims that her workout completely re-engineers the muscular structure, engaging the smaller muscle groups that rarely get used.

There are 3 DVD's available in the UK, these are: The Dance Cardio Workout, Total Cardio Workout and The Mat Workout.

I tried a section of the cardio and my living room won't accommodate my flailing about... So I tried The Mat Workout. It's incredible! Tracy takes you through a warm up followed by a leg section which goes through a series of fluid movements on one leg while balancing on the other, repeated then on the other leg. Then you do the standing abs section, which is basically just Tracy doing a freestyle, but once you get the hang of it (as her guidance is crap) you learn to engage and pull the muscles in so you can feel the abs working. After this is the standing arms section, this is incredibly difficult, you lift your arms out til you resemble a T then move them about whilst not putting them down...AT ALL!! I find this near impossible but I can see the effects already on my arms. If I use the weights in the gym, I instantly put on muscle, with this I can see my arms toning instead of bulking. Then there is a bit more legs, bums and abs to finish.

I love it! She uses some elements of pilates mixed with a workout created from her own insanity, but it's amazing, I can see lines of muscle tone on my tummy, my bum looks round instead of square and my arms look more defined.

Anyone struggling to find a DVD for them, or even just anyone struggling to find motivation (because believe me even if you want to give up,when you see her tiny little body is in front of your eyeballs, you won't give up) I would recommend this completely! Mixed with a good cardio routine you really can tone your body up!

Love Jess xxx


  1. This lady fascinates me. She is actually like 6 months pregnant and making fitness DVDs for pregnant women. I had no idea, I saw it on E! news or something like that. I would love to try this one day.


    1. Shes just released a Metamorphosis program, the before and after results are incredible! its definitely worth trying.


  2. Woww this looks good. I really have to do something with my body before summer :)xx

  3. I've been really considering getting her dvds and this has defo persuaded me:) great blog

    Diana xxx

    1. Couldnt recommend it more! For cardio i prefer something like Davina Body Pump or Ministry of Sound Pump it Up but I swear by the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout.