Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Black Milk Clothing: For Those Whom Too Many Tights is Not Enough

It’s long been a favourite pastime of mine to sit for hours searching the web, not for anything in particular, maybe looking for a little inspiration or purely just wasting time, either way it usually ends leaving me and my bank card exhausted. It was on one of these internet trawls that I discovered Black Milk clothing.

Absolutely squealed in excitement seeing these über cute C-3PO and R2-D2 swimsuits. I love droids <3

The clothing actually makes me want to cry (mainly because I can’t have every piece) it’s so well produced and there is quite literally nothing like it. Tell me if you have ever seen muscle print leggings or a 3D dress, if you have I will truly eat my hat. They are a little pricey with leggings being around £50 a pair, but with everything being handmade it’s easy to see you get your monies worth.

I would be inclined to do as the photo tells me and grab a loose tee and a pair of Jeffrey Campbells (which by the way, I have a link for amazing replicas) and be on my way but if that’s not your cup of tea they have skirts, bodysuits, swimsuits, dresses and shorts for you to choose from. Happy Days.

Myself and the man are off to Portugal for Optimus Alive fest in July (yes, the event of the year) I can see I may have to invest in a little Black Milk dress...


  1. this is the very first time i've seen muscle print tights! they're quite interesting, but i'm not sure if i'm gonna want to wear them out, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. I do find them a bit extreme :) the detail is mental though. These are part of their new Hot Little Bosses range, not sure id brave these but the others are so lovely :) xx

  3. Black Milk have some amazing clothes!
    I've always wanted a pair of their leggings, but ugh, the prices!! Wish I could afford them :P

  4. wow, really unique clothes :) a bit too scary but on the other hand it's also stylish :)



  5. I love the skeleton print dress! Shame about the price tag though D:

    1. It is a shame, they are nice for a treat every now and again xx