Thursday, 23 February 2012

Chocolate and Other Addictions

Hello, my name is Jessica and I'm addicted to chocolate. And bread (the crusty, buttered kind) and lemon cheesecake, and onion rings....ok I'll stop. But, to me being healthy just doesn't seem that fun, I could never imagine myself craving an apple...
Perhaps an apple dipped in toffee :)

So, after my boyfriend booked tickets to Portugal in July, I thought it was about time I overcame my addictions and treated my body like a 'temple'.

My last chocolate bar for a while... *wipes tear from cheek*

I don't normally partake in Lent or if I did it would be something ridiculous like giving up swearing, which lasted all of an hour, but this year I thought it might be a kick start to a healthier lifestyle.

So this is it, written down for all to see... I'm giving up chocolate and bread. Wish me luck!!

Have you given anything up this year?



  1. Good luck!!

    The Fashion Skeleton!

    Pleas follow & I'll follow back =)

  2. love your nails in this post :) xox